Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Own Man

You never really know a person's habits until you live with them. Even if they are family and you've been away awhile. Half the condiments in the fridge are expired. The other half are missing expiration dates.

I'm broke. Very. Getting coffee is a question of which card the place will take and I'm down to my last available one. American Express is unpopular at that. It's one thing to be your own person in your ventures but without a foundation based in your own intent, your own mobility, your own funds to leverage, you're a wet sack.

I am thus a wet sack. All the potential I've been labeled with doesn't logically lead to limbo but I'm here anyway. The work of flight has always taken more than fancy but never quite felt like a requirement. It's been a long process but I'm aware of a change in disposition, the undercurrent of concern for how I stack as man against my ideals. If I can ever have complete pride in myself I must display the capacity for change. More than that, it must be a change that sticks and clearly indicates the power of my sovereignty towards a greater end. SEE: FILM AND WRITING.

Forgive repetitious rhetoric. It's a form of affirmation which by definition is repetitive.

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