Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Resignation to Conquest

War is fundamental to the romance man is dependent on. Conflict makes us real. We make new conflicts endlessley. It's how we ease the longing of being incomplete. And then we build fears to keep us from greatness. The consequences of this paradox speak out to our future as a species.

Man overcomes fear and achieves greatness, for better or worse.

The demands will only increase less the guilt of actions not taken drown us. There are few excuses anymore where the answers emerge in the nature of challenges, in the sentiment of our favorite songs, in the movement of those we idolize or lust for.

Our resistance is the evidence of a looming greatness. And we must follow the dark road, the narrow straits, the perilous path through shifting mountains and restless caverns. The stride is truer in the flames of adversity. There is no greater focus than one achieved on the plains to perdition.

Scary thoughts.

Many of us know the battle of helms deep. I forget how the words rang. Peter Jackson brought rain and mud and hundreds of wavering souls grimacing beneath waning light and a thunderous approach. I had goosebumps. Being run through with a blade was the last thing on my mind. Being a part of history, even an imaginary one, was a thrill more complete than the love of a female, unless that female throws her lot in with a destiny engineering your arrival.

Imagination has taken a bold move. Replicating the fantasies that would normally stir us to mischief, adventure, or conquest has created a shadow request for some inevitable least for myself. How can a man live and not wish to be tested? Whether or not he learns where and when to test himself and in which manner is the bigger issue.

My cousin and I beat Uncharted 2 for the Playstation 3. The behind-the-scenes unlockable videos showed the efforts of an industrious team in conquest of the imagination. They were surely successful. There work resulted in a great adventure...a great advent. Not the game per-se.

The Great Advent won't be a great answer. It will be a great problem. And that will bring us together and to the next stage. We will face our fear together and over come or succumb and that's it. This process is repeated in every life from the earliest moments, either directly or indirectly. The only thing that tempers the future of some great eclipse is the effort of leaders who have overcome their inertia, to change the formula, to spread their energy among those prepared for guidance. Guidance will take us away from the longing, at least I believe it will. It should help.

Thus my emphasis on family. Thus my emphasis on a proper union. Thus my emphasis on personal growth. My perfect world, lol. But this doesn't mean I'm going to be a gentleman all of a sudden, they don't get a whole lot of play. Conquest requires resistance in order to be considered conquest. Look for resistance. Let it shape you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

God is Consequence

It is the omniscient ruler and receiver of all efforts. It has always existed and will so in the end. There is nothing more real and tangible than Consequence. There is nothing worth fearing and worshiping more than this lord of Justice. Consequence does not play sides. It is the proof of humanity's greatness. It is the weight in our concerns and the validation in our nightmares. There would be much to say for the benevolence of consequence if it were not so utterly felt in acts of attrition. The players busy building worlds are not the ones defending them. There are few defenders not solely concerned with their own survival. Consequence is the pyre's light. We are the logs, snuffed out into the ether.

I was on the JFK tram at the minute check-in closed. The next flight is 6 hours later. I'm at the airport thinking about why I'm so lax on life. Being on time everywhere must be great...but so is watching all the women that have come to the airport dressed for the warm weather.

I'll read, write, more likely than not play a skirmish in Starcraft II. Attempt to do some work and imagine that I really am capable of understanding how many tiers there are to self-mastery. You can control your actions and be someplace late because you prefer not to be agitated and then control your emotions so as not to stress the extra expense and idle time. I'm totally misusing these talents but it does confirm one thing: most people not even thinking along these lines have way more power than they care to recognize in the future of mankind. It's passive vs. passion out there and passive has a better long game.