Monday, March 30, 2015

Sometimes you gotta put your own north star up there.



I woke up a week ago and decided I was gonna be a content creator via this blog, youtube, twitch and vimeo (my gf encourages me to use colors...)


  • write fiction for people who still like to read and don't mind reading from an amateur as long as the stories are cool
  • make movies I want to make for folks that can appreciate them [cheap or no-budget, but funny or thrilling]
  • play games and share that experience with folks that can dig it
  • do it all in a way where the products compliment each other
  • do it all in a way that increases my chances of being able to survive off this and contribute to a household CAUSE I'M 31 AND A COLLEGE EDUCATION = F*IN USELESS!
[Disclaimer: I went for a double major in creative writing and film production.  I understand, but I had hopes and I still believe it would've been useful if someone had explained you could build your craft outside of college without having to go into debt. Leave college for occupational therapy or accounting. Film Production especially put me in the $60,000 hole besides other expenses that built up while I was busting my ass on set.  I was naive and to stick it out was just me being stubborn.  But I didn't want to be called a quitter.  Lesson: Knowing when to quit is wisdom.  Too bad it tends to stem from hindsight.]

That's me ^ using the internets.  OBS WHAT?!

A few things have become immediately clear:  

  1. The market is saturated but that doesn't mean it's saturated with entertainers.  If I'm going to make it, I've got to learn how to be clear, engaged and be entertaining.
  2. I need control over the stream.  Control might as well mean becoming a GOD-DAMNED ASTRONAUT (they're cool, just sayin)! And I'm going to need money.
  3. I need to remember what it was to enjoy video games and movies again.  Since college, production's become slave labor and video games are a source of guilt.  The audience this is built for is eagerly awaiting an escape and I gotta be able to find it myself.

BUT HOW (I really don't f*in know!)
This is an old blog. If you dare to read older posts prepare to be either bored, depressed, confused, or secretly consoled that you're not alone given pretty typical themes of awkwardness, searching or whatever.

I think I've been trying to tell my story in attempt to export accountability. That doesn't work. I wasn't offering anything in return. There are no solid answers or pathways.  You gotta cut through the brush.  You gotta lather up the sky and plant your own business up there.

My business now is the big thing, it's the thing we all want: do what we love for a living, be able to do it well and be fairly compensated for it. What's especially important to recognize here is that if I can pull it off, anyone can!

It so happens I'm just about as far from success as you can get without being a hobo. My personal TV is broken. My laptop is over decade old. I have nothing to invest in any new equipment or games and I have zero experience in broadcasting. The gauntlet's been set.
This is a dangerous situation.

The rest of this week I'll be editing a few films I made in college and writing my video intro for my youtube channel. I'll also be revising some shorts stories I've written. I'll set a date now for uploading at least one short film Thursday and one short story Friday.  

Twitch streaming practice will begin late nights till about 3 or 4 am EST and Tuesdays from 5-9pm or so.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.
- C