Thursday, December 3, 2009

How many first attempts...

How many first attempts does it take to make a success out of oneself? You've got every potential start-up marred by uncertainty and the distraction that causes makes it easy to fall back on patterns and habits that are irrelevant to success.

I hate to be a hard ass. I'm only 26. While I can appreciate the entrepreneur, the savant, the polished archetypes which make the most out of America, the truth is that I think the average person my age is very ignorant and complacent about his place in the world. I mean it's easy for the college student to become enraged over geopolitical issues, environmental concerns, human rights, and more. But nothing presses at our potential than the arena we are born into.

This economic crisis we're in requires some uncomfortable moves, some unsteady footing into new territory for every citizen capable of making it. Does this necessarily translate into the "high-powered" mentality? I'm not sure. But this digression has a lot to do with the fact that I managed to make it out of bed about half an hour ago, I have my track suit on and after I'm done here I'm going for a jog. I haven't done this in a while, it's cold out, I usually sleep till 2pm despite my best intentions, and the small break from habit allows me to look on the rest of the day like a general at war. The options are mine now, where as at 2pm I am pressed to take back the initiative lost to me out of complacency. Should this early rise become a habit, then the mindset to make use of this advantage of time and perspective may also become so. I know there are opportunities in this country that stem from punctuality and the ability to clearly state what is on what's mind. Investor meetings, small business start-ups, education, all these initiatives and more seem to come from shared decision to make the best of the time we have and then, and more importantly, acting on it.

I wish I could control the state of my disposition and will power tomorrow. At best I can attempt to remain vigilant through the day and set up a momentum that will cause a consistent scale of productivity from my thoughts and actions. However, as always, the challenge is never against the world and it's state of affairs. It is against a limited view, which limits accountability. It is against external reliance, versus self-reliance. It is against the childish dependence on the voices of more determined men and women, who can never be, nor should ever be, the direct cause of my break from relent and passivity.

I have dreams of writing and film making. I have dreams of owning my own businesses. I have dreams of making the most of my wit, intelligence, youth, humor, and charm, to whatever degree I am able to. I have dreams of being more than the unemployed, non-registered student, without a proper writing discipline, without a proper cause, routine, faith, or element of guidance that I happen to be. I have no afflictions, addictions, or extended dilemmas save apathy and I'd like to now go and sweat that crap out on the running track.

Before I go, let it be known that doubt, that great demon, is forever a distraction from pure endeavor. I hate to be a hard ass, but if micromanaging my ego were easy, I wouldn't have to be. Wish me luck, and good luck to you as well.

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