Saturday, December 12, 2009

Middle Class Blues cont.

There are a set of conceptions responsible for the placement of everyday energy. You expect the requirement of a 9-5, never factoring all the obvious reasons why that function has become abundantly risky. A new and strange calling has arrived with far more benefit and stability and its called entrepeneurship (that's not a word). Managing and maximizing the use of your time is the real money maker and offering services within your capacity for a price relevant to sustaining your living standards is an equation aimed hitting all the necessities for an adequate profession while creating a possibility of living life you find suitable. There is not enough industry to sustain the common man. He must create an industry of himself and this machine must create industries that compound upon his momentum. Perhaps I'm blabbing, but the point is that the box was broken long ago, and the idea that people still had a choice to fit their thoughts within it is a fallacy. The consequence is a doomed legacy. America fails without its people. This generation bears the burden of returning ingenuity to a world falling upon its indifference. I don't know where the citizen has gone but the economy is a sign of the absence of mind only children have. I don't have all the answers yet, but maybe I'm getting interested. Maybe I've decided I want to know why and thought I've been up all night and it's too late for me to coherently mean a great many things, I know that this concern is not idle. It's something I've been failing to escape for some time.

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