Monday, April 6, 2015

Speed and Endurance (Blog, Write Fiction, Twitch, Edit Video, Produce Films erday)

     I'm temporarily not including photos anymore in my blog.  I'd pull stuff off the images tab in google that I felt would help explain a point.

     Time sync.

     I don't want to be lazy so I'll probably get back to it but seriously, time is friggin' precious.  So much work.  I think I'm going to have to clock in 70-80 hrs a day and keep a time card, just to make sure I'm being as proactive and efficient as I can be.

    I am a disorganized SOB and distracted as F*ck!  My short story is only a page in cause I had a massive brain fart just trying to get started.  I believe there is a legendary moment in a writer's life where writing fiction becomes more or less familiar.  Pfft.  But here's hoping.

    Meanwhile, two more stories have arrived on the Imagination Train:  1) A fable about a peasant girl who loses her queen's crown in the woods where a hidden fairy empire exists and threatens to keep her forever from returning home.  2) A smaller short about a boy who's been playing with a carnivorous alien in his room without his mom knowing and the one night where the boy unwittingly explains to the alien the value in eating everything possible to grow and get strong.

    The first story was a test my girlfriend gave me to put her to bed in practice for having a daughter that would, on the fly, ask me to tell her a story.  Unfortunately my gf fell asleep before I could finish the story so I know most of it up until the climax and then it gets fuzzy.  The 2nd story, with the alien, is based on a recent recurring nightmare.  This is maybe the first nightmare in 20 years that is recurring and where I end up actually being eaten in the end (thought I don't share the same space as the boy until that moment).  It's also similar in ways to the short I'm writing - a familial issue spliced with some seemingly imaginary but actually dangerous circumstances apparently overlooked at the top level.

      It's exciting as long as I can keep these keys moving fast enough to stay in pace with the wave of ideas and I really do intend to write them all.  To think I almost convinced my gf to spend $50 on a web-developer program on Udemy.  But honestly, I gotta work what I have and make my own cash.  That's what this is all about and I really have to stay focused.

     So it looks like I'll have to set an initial goal for to actively promote my website.  I got my first follower on Twitch last night.  While that's growing I can maybe write the first 10 shorts and 2 intro chapters to my leading ideas for serialization - including Ronin Soul (which I haven't formally introduced).  Then I'll switch focus to revisiting and re-editing (alhaogha;oa;owe;awofnh!!!!!) my films from college, after which I'll remix my twitch highlights from Dragon Age: Inquisition.  From there I'll make room for my Youtube program intro and writing my business plans...

     But first, I'm gonna drink this big cup of coffee on the throne and think about absolutely nothing because sometimes that's about the only thing that makes sense.


P.S. Oh yeah, speed and endurance: That's where this should all be headed.  If I come anywhere close to achieving this as an independent professional - well I might finally start believing I'll deserve any of the rewards I've seen out there waiting for people like us.

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