Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smart brain lists agenda, body to follow

Inspired by the short story "Memento Mori" by Jon Nolan, I take whole-heartedly to the concept that I'm not altogether of one mind on any given inspiration. My day is littered with wayward suggestions, many of which I'm directly responsible for, so that at the end of the day when I remember the yearnings of this year, my age and life, I'm left wondering why I didn't commit the day pursuing them. The hours fly by in a waste of irrelevance. Might as well commit some things here and perhaps if I remember to read this post early enough in the day I will find the heart to stay true to the yearnings that accompany me to bed every evenings with harsh reprove. I will play the piano. I will read music. I will speak Spanish. I will speak Russian. I will speak Hebrew. I will write countless works of fiction and have several published. I will stay fit and healthy. I will keep the stress away. I will start and build and lead a successful film company. I will have a home. I will have a family. I will support my mom. I will dress well. I will have a nice car. I will save money for my children. I will mentor a host of youth with a philosophy that will strengthen the film industry. I will read my library in its entirety. I will dance salsa well. I will be a functional sketch artist. I will make my family proud every year. I will play video games again one day on my own big screen with surround sound. I will see my films in the cinema, my books in the store. I will travel and I will have wonderful views from all my homes. There's more. It gets quite specific in fact. The details in the dreams aren't likely beneficial for you, my nonexistent reader, and less so for me since I'm sure given the chance anyone can site an endless list of what appeals to them. These first entries came to mind first and so I'll deal with them. In order to do the things that require mastery, like artistry, dance, writing, speaking different languages and building a business based on a collaborative medium, as well as staying fit, one would assume a daily routine. So how do I create one suitable while eating and maintaining some social and hygienic responsibilities and protect myself from being led astray? Planning, the original intent of this post, isn't working.

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