Monday, June 4, 2012

Today is Monday, Fourth of June, Year 2012

I did little of what I wanted to do yesterday. Plagued by human frailty, I wonder what the machine lives like. No matter. I will delve into the distraction and come out of it alive yet. I'll undo the curse. I must. Ahead of me, so that I may recall and be so bold as to state, lies an ambitious journey. It's one that I pray will affect the class structure as a tectonic plate with a mind to move. I believe people should work and have stability. Moreso, I believe the abundance of the current age should be presented. We are a shortsighted race. Profit is all too important now. I'm happy for it in that it becomes a measure of esteem to those with a mind for conquest, venture, investment and building. But for everyone else that has yet to withdraw their sword, we need education. And yet education is under attack. So jobs, and schools and . . . Dreams, yes? I see now that I am afraid of what I am suited for. I am afraid it will not be my dream. I have suffered illusions before. Most of them were born in my heart from longing and loneliness. You can influence the world but you can't control people. But I need people to make this work. How will I inspire them? How will I inspire them?

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