Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's my view that the world is divided by people who do for others and those that do solely for themselves. Many of us walk the tightrope because we are capable, easily, of doing both. However the seed of one concept is rooted a little deeper. Extreme situations make the dividing line and we know who we are.

I'm no socialist/communist. I don't even know what that means. I believe we each owe it to ourselves to utilize our inherent freedom to find our fullest potential. And I believe that in doing so we can provide our greatest benefit to the world and should do it in a way that also provides for our happiness. Being good at something and being adequately appreciated for it is a wonderful, if not ideal, experience.

But we are left short-sighted when the resources don't balance properly, thus the class warfare now thinly veiled by bipartisan politics. The wealthy and powerful need humility and perspective and need to lead or the sphere of experience to which they are privileged will corrupt their legacy, the world will crumble with such inappropriate misuse of wealth and the system will fail, eventually leaving an imploding state; a vacuum that the rest of the world will war over filling.

That is one worse-case scenario. It could go any number of ways. But having the power to do good and just doing like any common man is a waste of potential. Living above your means, spending on ridiculous luxuries, alienating your fellow man, not educating, not reinforcing, not taking your ability seriously (that part of it that is directly relevant to your connection within the great organism of this planet) is an affront to the meticulous process that arrived with us, with today.

No self-respecting individual wants a hand out, just the right to work hard and earn their fare share. Not everyone is seriously interested in doing nothing. There is an entire class of people who love that they can provide for their loved ones...

But not everyone understands their own capacity or has the sight to find the right opportunity. They can do right but are misdirected and ignored. This happens in relationships of all kinds. Some of us are try hard because we believe in something, and some people just exist to consumer experiences and abandon their conscience as often as possible.

It's the unconscious people that make me angry, that demonstrate the living setback of our society. They don't want to think and choose or refuse to. No communication, no regard and when they do respond, it's nonsense. If left alone they would destroy the universe and abstain from admitting suicide. And the rest of us with ideas, with sentiment, with compassion, would die trying to hold back the tied of things these others let loose.

We need to be aware of the potential good we can do and do something. The more power we have, the larger the support team and the retinue of ass-kisser, the more that can be delegated, the more that can be achieved. Power surrounds the successful, opportunities surround the attractive, but their commitment to themselves does not usually evolve to anything grander, and they prove how limited their ambition is.

When I first wanted to write about dissapointment, it was with the idea that I might have to regret the type of person I was for the unkind people I have associated myself with in the past. It was more about being regretful for believing in any worthwhile communication across the board. Instead I've learned I had to be particularly picky about who I surround myself with and even then it may pay off to play things close to the chest, be reserved, observe, use leverage, secure the hierarchy even in casual relationships or abandon it.

But I don't want to be this person. My mindset has since adjusted from the point where I wrote the title and saved the draft for working on another day. I'm not feeling bleek today though my situation is what it is. I'm near destitute. I won't get into it again. Still, the point was it turned out that I wasn't really concerned or surprised about the frailties of other people but rather that I let their mindlessness stain my outlook.

Why should I let a mass passive-aggression turn me into a vegetable? That would be like agreeing with these assholes.

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