Thursday, February 4, 2010


Why is the H at the end of Argh! AARG-HHHHHH. I don't know . . . be wise to have a mint first before you cry out in rage and exasperation.

I have insufficient funds to maintain my $1 minimum. I withdrew $40 last night only have $20 available (why in the hell would my bank let me do that if they knew I would be forced into the negative and have to pay them a penalty??? I obviously have no money to do that!!!)

What's more is that I spent that money on a round of drinks. You can't be nice anymore in this city I swear. I mean that too, the one's responsible for my insufficiency is the New York State tax and finance jerks who removed the $500 I owed them directly from my checking account instead of from the $900 I was getting from Federal. They did it on the same day I got my Unemployment allowance, meaning they took that completely and add $100 for an untimely withdrawal for a school loan payment that was scheduled last week.

A certain online do it yourself tax prep site that rhymes with shafted me nice.

It's my fault. Conscious living isn't just a suggestion, it's a raft in open water. It's the beginning to a semblance of order. And no amount of intelligence really asserts that emotional urgency that keeps your instincts a live and watchful.

Rule #1 for Americans (the hardest to learn): Make it hard to screw yourself.

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